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2009 Annual Report

2010 Fiscal Year

RESULTS | Success in technology transfer is generally measured in numbers of inventions, agreements, new start-up ventures, and revenues. Other measures are equally important. The quantity and quality of our engagements—with researchers, students, and business and entrepreneurial partners—and the impact on the public of our technologies and ventures are also key indicators of success. The following pages of metrics and stories illustrate these successes.






Anesthesiology 5
Biological Chemistry 1
Cell and Developmental Biology 1
Internal Medicine 30
Medical School Administration 1
Michigan Institute for Clinical & Health Research 1
Michigan Nanotechnology Institute 1
Microbiology & Immunology 2
Molecular Physiology 3
Neurology 5
Obstetrics & Gynecology 1
Otolaryngology 4
Pathology 10
Michigan Center for Translational Pathology 10
Pediatrics & Communicable Diseases 8
Pharmacology 5
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 2
Psychiatry 1
Radiation Oncology 7
Radiology 5
Surgery 15
Total 118


Aerospace Engineering 3
Biomedical Engineering 18
Chemical Engineering 15
Civil & Environmental Engineering 4
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science 65
Mechanical Engineering 16
Materials Science & Engineering 4
Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Science 1
Total 126


Biology 1
Chemistry 12
Mathematics 1
Physics 2
Psychology 1
Dentistry 3
U-M Dearborn 2
Education 1
Kinesiology 1
Life Sciences Institute 3
Michigan Administrative 1
Information Services
Medicinal Chemistry 3
Natural Resources 1
Pharmacy 5
Autism & Communications Disorders Center 6
U-M Hospital 2
U-M Transportation Research Institute 1
Total 46


2010 Start-Up Class

3D Biomatrix
Crystalline structured transparent 3D scaffolds for cell culture
(3D petri dish)

Civionics LLC
Dense wireless sensor networks for building automation systems

Next-generation, high-density crossbar array for improved computer memory

Hearing Health Sciences
Over-the-counter nutraceutical products for the prevention of noise-induced hearing loss

Image-guided histotripsy system using ultrasound to excise and mechanically homogenize tissue

Infomotion Sports
Sensor-enabled sporting equipment for skill analysis and training

Core facility for the discovery of MicroRNA disease biomarkers

Shepherd Intelligent Systems
Real-time fleet management plus customer-oriented vehicle location and time-of-arrival alert functions

Tangent Medical Technologies
Novel catheter stabilization systems for fluid/medication delivery

Vortex Hydro Energy
Sub-surface hydrokinetic power generating devices for rivers and oceans