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Great ideas change everything

At the University of Michigan, we believe that great ideas can change everything. As an institution, we put our commitment and support behind a vision of university innovation that connects with the needs of our communities, advances the economy, and makes our society more prosperous.

Getting from a great idea to real-world impact takes a unique blend of inspiration and expertise, vision and practicality, individual effort and teamwork. In recent years, the university has steadily ramped up resources and programs to assist successful innovation and promote its critical place in our mission.

The university encourages faculty innovation and risk-taking in research, teaching, and service; encourages the tech transfer process; connects would-be entrepreneurs with mentors and venture funding; and provides a culture that recognizes and rewards entrepreneurial activities. In addition, it provides a structure to connect the university and industry to spur transformative research that can change the world.

Our student entrepreneurs bring their ideas to fruition in a UM-supported incubator, inspired by mentors, competitions, and the energy of hundreds of peers. And they become the college graduates who can drive an economy that demands creativity, knowledge, and people willing to take risks.

We invite you to join our innovation revolution.

U-M has remarkable resources for innovation and economic transformation: