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The Engaged University

Message from the President

Innovation is essential to our regional and national prosperity, and the University of Michigan is firmly committed to accelerating economic transformation through creativity and entrepreneurship.

We want to connect our research and technology with the needs of our communities and make our society more prosperous. And we are eager to collaborate with companies to drive transformative research that can change the world.

We are dedicated to linking the great ideas of our faculty and students to the marketplace, spurring breakthrough technologies, and nurturing entrepreneurial ventures. And we find inspiration in the creative spirit and entrepreneurial aspirations of our students. They are the generation who will drive the economy of the future, one fueled by inventive thinking, knowledge, and confidence.

Message from the Vice President for Research

I invite you to review the broad and diverse talents and resources available at the University of Michigan as showcased in this year’s Annual Report on Technology Transfer, Industry Research and Economic Development. At the heart of the University’s contributions is our world-class researchers and their world-changing discoveries. In Fiscal Year 2010, our research spending reached $1.14 billion, a new milestone for us and the highest of any public university. But the University of Michigan is committed to more than making fundamental discoveries. We are dedicated to helping apply the benefits of our activities and the expertise of our faculty, staff, and students, thereby enhancing the regional and national economies. And we welcome industry as key partners in bringing emerging technologies to market. I hope you enjoy the stories of innovation and collaboration in this report. Please join us in helping to build the foundation of a revitalized economy.

Mary Sue Coleman

Mary Sue Coleman
President | University of Michigan

Stephen R. Forrest

Stephen R. Forrest
Vice President for Research
University of Michigan